Be Forward Wanderers striker Babatunde Adepoju has revealed that it is his first time in his entire four-year professional career to be a leading goalscorer and said he will do whatever it takes for him to be a top goalscorer this season.

In an exclusive interview with Be Forward Media, Babatunde who currently has 14 goals from 16 league appearances, said being the current top goalscorer “is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my career.”

“This is my second year in the super league and being the current top goal scorer is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my career,” he said.

The second top goalscorer is Fletcher Bandawe of Civil Sporting United with 9 goals.

When asked on how he has managed to achieve that at Lali Lubani, the Nigerian national attributed everything to the support of his fellow players, coaches and fans.

He said: “With the players in the team, I have been able to improve as a player compared to caliber of players I played with in my previous career life. Team work has been the secret and also for the support of the coaches and the fans. I hope I will finish the season as the top goalscorer.”

Commenting on the last ended Bingu Ikhome Bonanza which saw his spot kick saved in a match Wanderers lost 4-3 to Blue Eagles in post match penalties, Baba said that is water under the bridge.

“To me, I think it will be better for us is to forget about the bonanza and focus on our primary objective which is the league and I am very sure we gonna fight and win as a team because we have what it takes to be the champion,” he concluded.


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