Former Flames defender, Jack ‘Africa’ Chamangwana was laid to rest at the Misesa Cemetery on Tuesday.

Family, friends, football stars and hundreds of mourners including Sport Minister Francis Kasaila gathered at the cemetery to bid farewell to Chamangwana who was also Be Forward Wanderers technical director.

He died last Sunday after losing his battle with high blood pressure.

From early in the morning mourners began converging on the Kamuzu Upper stadium in a colourful assortment of clothes and club regalia.

Several had driven from Lilongwe to attend the service including his former Flames friends like Young Chimodzi and Peterkins Kayira.

Chamangwana’s brown coffin arrived at the Kamuzu Upper stadium with the Wanderers flag draped over it.

After the service, thousands of supporters left the place to stand on a ramp and watch a convoy leave the Upper stadium. One black hersea carried Chamangwana’s remains.

As the convoy made its way out of the city along the highway people could be seen with their cell phones taking pictures while some were waving on the coffin.
As the coffin descended at the cemetery, Be Forward Wanderers supporters chanted,”Mzimu woyera bwerani a Jack alephera mutifungatire.

Jack’s children wept, and appeared to be speaking to the father and one son threw a flower into the grave.

Jack’s wife looked lost and forlorn, and seemed to be confused after being handed the Be Forward Wanderers flag that was draped over his late husband,s coffin.
As relatives approached the grave, they too began to weep. Be Forward Wanderers players, led by captain Alfred Manyozo, placed flowers in the grave.

Team manager Steven Madeira stood at the grave with a bowed head.

Jack’s grave was next to George Chamangwana, who was buried at the cemetery last year in July.

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