Will  Amos Bello  be back soon before the League kicks-off ? Will Wadabwa, Chande, Linje, Msosa and Nyirenda back soon as well before the 2017 TNM Super League kicks-off?

Be Forward Wanderers FC Team Doctor Samuel Matukuta  is hopeful they will and he had the very latest news on our absentees when he faced  Be Forward Wanderers FC media on Sunday.

on the latest team news…

From the last game, I believe that we have a chance of getting Jaffali Chande  back in the squad (He has a groin injury which kept him out for two weeks). Harry Nyirenda is now fully recovered and will resume training this week.

On Amos Bello, who stretched collateral ligaments has left with four weeks from eight weeks.

Peter Wadabwa, who pull abductor longus on the right groin has remained with five weeks from six weeks.

Precious Msosa has remained with three days to resume training.

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