Football needs to have proper infrastructures if the game is to develop in the country

The remarks has been made by Nyasa Big Bullets and Beforward Wanderers following His excellence the President Professor Athur Peter Mutharika’s directive at the weekend that two stadia be constructed for the club’s in Blantyre

President Mutharika made the directive on his whistle stop tour of Blantyre on Sunday

Though being called the oldest clubs in the country Nyasa Big Bullets and Beforward Wanderers have been relying Kamuzu Stadium as their home ground an entity owned by Government

Speaking at a joint press briefing at Kamuzu Stadium in Blantyre on Tuesday both Wanderers and Bullets praised Mutharika for the pledge

Wanderers General Secretary, Mike Butao said the team didn’t expect this and ask God to give Mutharika long life

“Your excellence we are humbled,we are in disbelief we didn’t expect that during your hectic schedule you could actually take the time to look at our needs and then come up with this solution from nowhere

“We ask God to bless you,your family and the mighty DPP government for the gesture and to give you success in future,its not only Wanderers and Bullets who will benefit

“Government owned teams like Silver Strikers,Blue Eagles and Civil Sporting are enjoying the fruits of having their own stadiums and i think this is the right time for giants Blantyre teams to benefit,”he said

Nyasa Big Bullets Chief Executive Officer,Fleetwood Haiya thank the president for the initiative looking at the financial constraints the two teams are going through

“We would like to thank the president for taking time to think about the most loved teams in the country,its the first of its kind

“One would ask to say Bullets and Wanderers are oldest teams and established in the late 60’s but yet they don’t have stadiums, these teams have large following but they are also suffering financially because they never had support from government

“This is a blessing to us,we had plans to construct ours but because of some procedures we had to wait, “explained Haiya

Nyasa Big Bullets identified Ngumbe area in Lunzu where they had plans to construct 25,000 seater stadium,the people’s team will also construct the 10,000 seater for their reserve side at Kamba whereby Beforward Wanderers stadium will be constructed in Kanjedza if given the nod by the Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC).

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