Be Forward Wanderers Unveil New 2017-18 Jersey

Be Forward Wanderers FC have every reason to walk tall as their sponsors –Be Forward Limited presented 2017 season uniforms, travelling bags and tracksuits.

The teams got six sets of uniforms. Out of the six sets of uniforms there are two sets which will be used special for training, two sets of League uniforms and two sets for cup games.

The team also got golf shirts and tracksuits for its players to put on when the team is travelling. The players were also given travelling bags.

The donation was part of the company’s tradition since they started sponsoring the team.

Be Forward Wanderers vice-captain Joseph Kamwendo hailed the quality of the uniforms which he said will motivate the teams to work hard.

“Players feel good when they are nicely dressed and that makes them to perform well. We salute our sponsors for this donation and we can assure them that we will not disappoint them,” said Kamwendo.

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