Babatunde Adepoju has thanked the  Be Forward Wanderers  fans for making him feel at home from his first day on his arrival in Blantyre – and promised the  Nomads  will battle until the end for the title.

The  Nigerian  striker, who collected his man of the match three times in nine games, has already bagged 10  goals this season and says he feels  Wanderers  is his home after a stunning first season with the  team.

He has promised there is plenty more to come, too, with the title still very much in reach.

“I was able to adapt quickly to the team ,” he said. “That was all due to my team-mates, the club and especially the fans.

“We have had a great season so far  but there is so much more to come from this team. I’ve been told we’ve broken historic records and that’s already an achievement. I’ve also learnt it’s important to respect our progress an on-going process.

“As for moving to  Blantyre , I feel  l have  adapted really well to living in Blantyre   and  l  haven’t been here for too long, either.

“The staff of the club and my team-mates have been very supportive. Everyone has made me  feel like home. I  still would like to know the city better and maybe visit the outskirts more, but  I  don’t have too much free time in  my  hands.

Adepoju  believes he can cap an incredible year with  the FISD Challenge Cup holders  – and then wants to add many more in years to come.

“Why wait until next season if we can win it now?” said  Adepoju.

 “I can promise you that we’ll be fighting until the very end. We all want to make it and though it won’t be easy, we believe we can win the  TNM Super  League this season.

“Winning titles is about never giving up and we will never give up. I want to win it this season and then many more with  Wanderers  after that.”

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